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Because if you make the industry look bad, people start asking questions, they might lose buyers and money.

Gaybros: the Reddit group of macho gay boys and their trouble with fellow gays.

It breaks my heart. So many of these guys are so young and poor and put into uncomfortable gay male scenes. You get told the vilest things. People are terrified of getting violent threats if they speak out.

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Click here to read the original comment in its entirety. Link trigger warning, there are explicit issues discussed on this thread. Would you support a business if you knew that they abused some but not all of their employees? Think about this: In porn, the question of consent can be tricky and the growing phenomenon of amateur porn makes it even trickier. What if a person consented to be filmed, but not to have the film shown to anyone else? Did he or she still give consent?

This Anonymous Performer’s Reddit Post About the Realities of the Porn Industry is Chilling

So, would you buy from a company if you knew that some, but not all, of their products were made with child labor? Would you support a store that abused some, but not all, of their employees? Fight the New Drug, Inc. Like all websites, we use cookies. By continuing on this site, you agree to our use of cookies.